JH CEO & Founder

About The Founder

Justine Haines was founded by Sandra Parker in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Sandra had been working in various marketing and management positions for large corporations for the last 25 years and thought it was her time to branch out and scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Through the effects of the pandemic, Sandra was taken aback by overconsumption and societal waste, which largely deepened her concern for sustainability.

Being a fashionista and having six young nieces inspired the idea for a cool period panty; one that strayed from mature demographics and offered a wide array of energetic prints that well-reflected the youthfulness of fashionable young women today.

Sandra put her idea to the test, utilizing her fashion community’s input to form the brand that Justine Haines is today.

PHOTO: Representing her home city of Montreal at the Canadian Arts & fashion Awards ceremony in Toronto, wearing a custom Le Chateau gown, with a painting of Legend LEONARD COHEN, hand-painted by International artist, Eric Waugh. The lyrics to 'Hallelujah' are in the train, how cool is that?!