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We offer women of all ages and all sizes a ALTERNATIVE to the traditional periods you may be accustomed to. Did you know that a woman will spend over $10,000 in her lifetime on feminine products such as tampons and pads? These are not only expensive, but they are not convenient and bad for the environment. Not to mention, they are not always reliable. Think of the clothes and sheets you may have ruined in the past? 


Justine Haines underwear will protect you from leaks. They are hypo-allergenic and can be washed hundreds of times. Look forward to your period! These are a great gift for a Teen starting her period, a new Mom who suffers from Incontinence, or a woman who wants to change to adopt a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle!


Justine Haines underwear will protect you, all the while leaving you feeling comfortable (and pretty!). We are proud to offer you the latest styles at Budget-friendly prices. They are so cute & comfortable; you will look forward to your period!


We know Periods! 

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