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At Justine Haines, we proudly present women of all ages and sizes with a REVOLUTIONARY solution to the conventional period experience you're accustomed to. Did you realize that the average woman spends over $10,000 throughout her lifetime on feminine products like tampons and pads? These products aren't just costly; they're also inconvenient and harmful to our environment. Not to mention, they're not always as dependable as you'd like. Have you ever thought about the clothes and sheets you've accidentally ruined in the past? 🌸 Well, get ready to EMBRACE your period like never before!

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Dive into our treasure trove of invaluable information tailored just for you! Join us on our active Quora community where we engage with your pressing queries every day. Got a burning period question? Share it with us and watch it transform into a captivating blog post! Your questions, our expertise!

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Time for a Happy Period!

Justine Haines provides young girls and women fashionable
and happy alternatives for their periods, which will save them money, make them feel beautiful, but most of all, continue to enjoy all their favorite activities WORRY-FREE.


Why choose Justine Haines over other brands?

Justine Haines is dedicated to help young women starting their periods, or a woman who wants to change to adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and economical lifestyle, all while looking pretty and stylish!

With fashionable styles and trendy prints and colors, Justine Haines brings FUN into PERIODS!

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