Period Activewear Apparel


Justine Haines has been transforming BAD periods into HAPPY periods with our period underwear line... and you won't believe what she is up to now!

3-in-1 activewear garments that will COMPLETELY change your period game... we guarantee it!

Are you tired of skipping your workouts because of the FEAR OF LEAKS and wish you could have a practical and CUTE solution?

Justine's got you COVERED!

We will be launching a Period Activewear Apparel line, specifically made for fashionable women! You have NEVER seen anything like this before...PROMISE!

The line will have pieces ideal for walking, running, training, yoga, and swimming. And, YES, with bright, bold and colorful prints! Don't forget the cutest and super stylish tops to match.

This will mean that you NO LONGER need ANY other protection for your favorite sport, just wear and go!

Imagine ACTUALLY looking FORWARD to your period?? YES, it's possible!

The 50 BILLION dollar feminine hygiene industry is only NOW starting to evolve! It's about time! Justine Haines is taking it UP A NOTCH! Imagine PHYSICAL ACTIVITY without the use of ANY disposables, ALL while looking SUPER fashionable? YES!!!

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Forget what you know and what you've tried before to make your period a little happier... We found a solution.

SKIP your FAVORITE activity because of a period? NO WAY!




Did you know that, just in North America, we are dumping close to 20
BILLIONS sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators into landfills every year?  The average woman will use OVER 11,000 tampons
in her lifetime…leaving behind residue FAR BEYOND her lifespan!

BUT BEYOND THIS, how many women out there completely SKIP their workout
or favorite activity because they are on their periods? Running, dancing,
swimming, yoga…doing these activities while wearing a bulky pad can be
impossible! Most women are tired of embarrassing leaks that ruin their favorite
clothes, so they just SKIP it!


Justine Haines is the  first of
its kind, providing not only period undies and matching sportsbras, but now, we
have used that knowledge to develop our own line of ACTIVEWEAR! Yay! You will
be able to ‘show off’ that fashion and not cover it up anymore, as you head out
to the gym, the pool, the yoga studio, or just to hang out with friends. We’ve
got you covered!

The collection is fun, brightly-colored, SO comfortable, and comes with
the cutest matching tops. Imagine actually looking forward to your period!


With 4 layers of protective, hypoallergenic, & antibacterial
fabrics, the liquid gets trapped inside, which protects your clothing and keeps
the skin dry! We have done SEVEN rounds of samplemaking until approving the
final cuts. We needed garments that could be worn without panties or additional
protection, that would not show ‘ugly-looking’ seams on the outside reminiscent
of undies, that would be comfortable, but most of all, that would do its job
and protect you from leaks!


Some claim to be 4 layers, but are actually 2 or 3. This makes a HUGE
difference in a Girl's period. See what happens when we open them up! If you
have bought this type of apparel before, have you tried to cut it and open it
up? You may be surprised!


Justine Haines Period Apparel will absorb anywhere from 3 tampons' worth
of liquid for bathing suit, and as much as 4-6 tampons' worth for leggings. It
works incredibly well at protecting you so you can just FORGET about your
period! (And have fun!)


Seems like it would be messy and's not! It will take
you more time to run to the drugstore for disposables and back, then to care
for Reusable period apparel! (You will look awesome while doing it as well!)


Justine knows FASHION! We will be available in many TRENDY colors &
prints. THE WILDER, the better! Time to have some fun!  If you love Pink…you
are in luck! If you adore fashion and trends, you will be in LOVE! Be prepared
to get stopped wherever you go, people will ask you where you got that COOL
activewear. Sizes range from XS to 4XL. 


We want Justine Haines to be a one-stop shop and cover MOST activities.
So we will offer apparel that you can walk, run, train, swim, yoga in and…of
course, PLAY!

We know how Fashionistas can be! This is why we will offer the TRENDIEST
& COOLEST matching SportsBras, like you have never seen before! Justine
makes underwear AND activewear FUN again!


We literally checked out EVERY single period panty retailer on the
planet! There was an obvious gap… no one is catering to fashionable girls and young
women!  We are the FIRST company to offer period apparel that is solely
geared to this segment! With funky fashion prints, mix and match sets that are bold
and colorful, and styles that young girls ACTUALLY want to wear. We dare you to
check…NO ONE IS doing this! But why? The segment is so big! Best part is that
we can get girls onboard with the brand as early as 10 years old, then keep
them for life! The current competitors designs are geared to an older
clientele…sorry, still looks like your mama’s undies! And the Junior styles? Designed
with a baby in mind? Sorry, that is not cool!


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You will then receive a survey asking your size, style, color and print.

and BOOM! you are on your way to Happier periods!



-We take pride in what we do. After investing 12 months and developing 7 generations of prototypes of period activewear with every detail tested, we are ready to bring these unique garments to you!

-We use the strongest threads, quality elastic bands, soft & silky materials & absorbent linings. Bras come with removable padding. These garments are designed to play as hard as you do! We double stitch and overlock seams because we know that you will want that stretch and need a garment you can always rely on.

-Only the finest, comfortable, durable fabrics are used. The color will never fade. The wetness stays trapped inside and will never touch your skin. These garments are literary a second skin😊

-The collection is fun, brightly-colored, SO comfortable, and all coordinates so well. Imagine actually looking forward to your period? You will!

Why choose Justine Haines over other brands?

Justine Haines is dedicated to help young women starting their periods, or a woman who wants to change to adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and economical lifestyle, all while looking pretty and stylish! With fashionable styles and trendy prints and colors, Justine Haines brings FUN into PERIODS!

Is it worth the money?

Our hypo-allergenic period apparel can be washed and reused countless times, meaning that you have significant savings vs disposables for the same period. Plus, pretty and fashionable styling help you feel pretty and confident, everyday! Trust Justine for the last word in periods!

Who should wear period apparel?

-Runners. You run. You eat it up. You’ve been known to stuff a tampon inn your shoe (just in case)…or skip your workout all together. You don’t want the diaper feeling when you run, it just won’t cut it! And the sweat! It’s hard enough to find good activewear to wear when you’re NOT on your period!

-Gym Rats. You train hard baby! You love the burn! You hate all those interruptions between sets to go check your pad or change your tampon. And don’t get me started on that WET feeling between the legs, when you just ‘don’t know’ if it’s sweat or… the other thing! Time for a change.

-Beach & Pool gal. Who doesn’t love a beach party or pool hang out? Or even going for laps as a workout? You give all kinds of excuses to NOT take your wrap off, or cancel all together? Or maybe you tell friends you’ve just eaten and need to digest? No more!

-Yogis. You have been loving it for a while or just recently learned the moves on YouTube. You love the cuteness of the yoga outfits but there just isn’t anywhere to stick that darn pad in there, is it? This one is JUSTINE’s OWN signature one-piece…NO ONE has yet created ANYTHING like this. We are so excited to bring this period apparel before the masses!

-Cross Trainers. You do a bit of everything… you need a garment that will be as useful in the park running up hills, as on the court, as the studio flipping tires! Train hard, we got your covered!

-Travelers. You love every mode of transportation, from driving, to trains, to planes… you just can’t stand those LONG hours sitting when you just do NOT feel comfy…especially when you know that you won’t see a bathroom for hours. This is a thing of the past now!

-Women on-the-go. You're busy. You work a little here, a little there, maybe you go to school, then go and meet friends. Sometimes you just wanna wear one outfit and GO!

-Fashionistas. You couldn’t care less about the gym and you hate sweat. But you LOVE to hang out and look cool. You think that leggings should NOT only be worn in a gym and you know how to accessorize the heck out of everything. Justine was made for YOU! Fashion gals, welcome�

I’ve already had a bad experience with reusable period products, what makes JH different?

Justine Haines is different – we’re dedicated to help women like you adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and economical lifestyle, all while looking pretty and stylish! We are so sure you will love our Period products, we offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee! Plus - exceptional customer service, every time. We read with HORROR the 800 negative comments one of our competitors received on this Kickstarter platform. Please have our WORD, this will never happen. If you don't love it, we are here for you. If you have an issue, we are here for you. We have worked so hard and tested this product, we want YOU having HAPPY periods and will not rest until you're HAPPY!

What if I have a VERY heavy period?

If you have a very heavy period, our period apparel with built-in leak protection is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and security. Our period wear is specifically engineered to handle heavy flow, ensuring that you can go about your day or activities worry-free. You will know how many hours and which day of your cycle a garment can hold after a few tries. These innovative garments are equipped with advanced absorption technology that can effectively handle even the heaviest of periods. The specially designed inner layers can absorb and lock in a significant amount of menstrual fluid, preventing leaks and keeping you feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day. So, whether you're planning to swim, work out, or simply relax, our period apparel has got you covered. You can enjoy your favorite activities without the fear of leaks or discomfort. Plus, these garments are not only reliable but also economical since they eliminate the need for disposable products like pads or tampons.

I've never worn Period Panties or period apparel before, will it feel weird?

No, wearing period apparel for the first time shouldn't feel weird at all! In fact, many people find them incredibly comfortable and convenient. Here's why: Comfort: Period apparel is designed with your comfort in mind. They are made from soft, breathable, and stretchy materials that feel gentle against your skin. The fit is usually snug but not tight, allowing for ease of movement and comfort throughout the day. Absorbency: These products are equipped with built-in protection against leaks. They often have multiple layers of absorbent fabric that can hold a significant amount of menstrual flow. You'll feel secure and worry-free, knowing that they can handle the job without any discomfort. Discreetness: The design of period apparel is discreet and looks just like regular clothing. There are no bulky pads or tampons to deal with, making it a discreet and hassle-free option. Economical: Period apparel can be a cost-effective choice in the long run. You won't need to constantly buy disposable menstrual products, which can add up over time. Investing in a few high-quality pieces of period apparel can save you money in the long term. Environmental Benefits: By using period apparel, you're also making an eco-friendly choice. You'll reduce the amount of disposable menstrual products ending up in landfills. Empowerment: Many people find that using period apparel gives them a sense of empowerment. You can go about your daily activities with confidence, knowing that you're protected without any discomfort. So, rest assured that trying r period apparel for the first time should be a positive and comfortable experience. It's a great way to make your period days more convenient, economical, and eco-friendly while ensuring you stay comfortable and dry.

How do I use Period Apparel?

Just wear your Justine Haines Period wear like you would your regular activewear. No need for disposables or underwear, When you’re done, rinse them out, then toss them in the wash or wash by hand . You will notice that the liquid will be lodged in between the layers of fabric, so it will not be messy. Whenever possible, soak them in cold water, as soon as possible after use. the blood will seep out of the fabric after being soaked for a few hours. Then, toss in the laundry! Make sure to never use fabric softener as this weakens the fibers that do all the absorbing. Hand to dry, never put them in the dryer.

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