TOP 10 things a girl says on the FIRST day of her period!

TOP 10 things a girl says on the FIRST day of her period!

Ok lovelies! We know that Periods can be a major DRAG! We thought we would humor you this time and, hopefully, make you smile…maybe even laugh! Hey, if you have your period and you’re reading this, maybe we can help alleviate some stress through laughter😊.

Here are the TOP 10 things a girl says on the FIRST day of her period, accompanied by some funny images!  

1.   I am going to die. Literally. I’m dying.

2.  Guess SHARK WEEK is on the tube tonight!


3.   What? Already? I just HAD my period!?!


4.   WHO ate the last Oreo cookie???



5.   I just want to curl up with some tea & a good book. Now, pass me the Mountain Dew & the remote!


6.   No one understand me. I DON’T need all this drama in my life.


7.   Dammit! The dryer is on the frits again! These pants shrunk!


8.   No, I don't want anything. REALLY.


9.   No monkey business, the cat’s got a nose bleed.


10. Leave me alone… but can we cuddle? 😊    


Do you agree with our list? How many of those were overheard coming from YOU this month? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear from you! We hope you enjoyed this light-hearted blog 😊 It was meant to amuse and make you smile😊 


Got a Period Question? Contact us and we may feature the answer in an upcoming blog. You can also ask an anonymous question on our Quora platform: EVERYTHING PERIODS. No taboos!

Be safe, be well, Justine 😊

Time for a Happy Period 😊

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Time for a Happy Period!

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