Is it normal to have irregular Periods after Childbirth?

Is it normal to have irregular Periods after Childbirth?

The time it will take your body to return to your regular cycle varies for every woman. Many women will see their cycles forever changed after childbirth, and more, after several births. This is completely normal. (Ah, the woman’s body is full of wonders, isn’t it?!)

First menstrual cycle post-birth

The pregnancy and birth have created a big impact on your body as well as your cycle. You may not have a period for 6 to 12 months after the delivery.

 Possible changes in your Periods:

  • Many women will experience heavier and more painful periods;
  • Some suffer PMS for the first time;
  • Nausea & Vomiting;
  • Blood clots and/or lochia, which is bleeding from the vagina mixed with placental membrane debris that formed in the uterus during pregnancy.

 Breastfeeding & your Period

Nursing women may not menstruate at all, but every woman is different. Your age, weight, and physical condition, the amount of milk produced, will affect your period, especially during breastfeeding. Keep in mind that nursing increases the level of prolactin, a hormone that causes menstrual problems. 


Can I get pregnant if I have just given birth? 

The short answer is YES! Even if your periods are irregular, your body can still produce fertile eggs, sometimes before your first post-birth period arrives! Nursing does reduce your fertility, as it inhibits ovulation. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, the return of your regular cycle is an indicator that your body is back to normal (and, YES, ready to procreate again!). 




Can I speed up this process?

You certainly have some control in regulating your periods and returning to your pre-birth cycle sooner, than later: ·        

  • Adopt a wholesome lifestyle;·        
  • Do not smoke;·        
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs;·        
  • Drink lots of water (remedy for everything!);·        
  • Eat a wholesome diet, including fruits & veggies;·        
  • Do not eat junk food;·        
  • Get lots of rest (or should we say, as much as possible!)·        
  • Stay active, even just going for a brisk walk daily. 


You may have gotten pregnant at your first try, or perhaps it took you several years. You may have begun your menstruations at 10 years old, or at 16. Every body is different, and as such, every menstrual cycle. The most important thing to remember is that you will experience irregularity after childbirth, and you do need to use protection as you are still (somewhat) fertile. If your period doesn’t return 6 months after you’ve stopped nursing, consult your doctor. 


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