Does the MOON have an effect on my Cycle?

Does the MOON have an effect on my Cycle?

Do the Moon & Lunar Systems have an effect on my Cycle? Women have always been closely linked to the moon and its cycle. But how can we confirm this? Is it a mere coincidence that a woman's menstrual cycle is around 28 days, just like the lunar cycle? 



Indeed, the term menstruation comes from the Latin word mensis (month), inspired by the Ancient Greek, which means "the moon". This is why Native Americans refer to women’s menstrual periods as “having her moon”. Living in the heart of the nature, they were literally connected to it, and the women would all have their periods together, at the time of the New Moon. For 4 days, they would retrieve themselves from the tribe, and reconnect with Mother Earth, and each other. This was very beneficial for them, as well as their community. 


The menstrual cycle echoes directly the lunar cycle, which is composed of 4 phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. First Nations people understood the benefits of connecting to lunar energies. It could then seem obvious to make the connection between the menstrual cycle and the four phases of the moon. 


1.  First Quarter: the pre-ovulatory phase.

The moon is waxing. This comes with renewed energy, positivity and zest for life. This is a particularly productive time when we set new goals, take on projects, are actively social, and have the most confidence. Nothing seems to stop us!  We are in action mode! 



2.  Full Moon: the ovulatory phase.

When the lunar energy and magnetism are at their highest, so are you!  During ovulation, you are typically in a great mood and have incredible energy. You tend to reach out socially, organizing outings and connecting with people. Your libido is at its highest the same day or the day after the full moon. All the projects you put into place during the previous period will be carried out at this time. You are just radiant and vibrant! 


3.   Last quarter of the Moon: the pre-menstrual phase.

The energy that went into the development of eggs, which were NOT fertilized accumulate and are transformed into destructive energies. This will be accompanied by disproportionate reactions, anger and anxiety. It seems that emotions are out of whack and difficult to manage, both emotionally and physically. As your body mourns, your body is hit with gloom and sadness. You need a ‘time-out’. Indulge in your favorite activities that will help bring out your emotions like meditation or yoga. 


4.   The New Moon: menstruation.

While on our periods, we enter a time of introspection when we feel the urge for calm and solitude. The desire to be cozy, alone and to rest is quite normal, because this phase is marked by intense physical fatigue where our need for sleep is at its maximum.  


Nowadays, scientists see no connection between the moon and women’s menstrual cycles. In addition, synthetic contraception used as well as our lifestyles, have disconnected us from the lunar energies. The effects of the moon on our periods may not be a certainty, but if you stop to think about it, doesn’t it all make sense? Definitely something to chat about, the next time you are gathered with your girlfriends or sisters!  

Do you agree with our article? Did it make you go 'HMMMM'???  If you had some fun while reading it, then our job is done! 


Have a Happy Period!


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