Can I shorten my periods’ duration? Is this safe?

Can I shorten my periods’ duration? Is this safe?

Welcome back to our blog! We answer dozens of questions each week on Quora which receive about 25k monthly views. You want to know the NUMBER ONE most asked question lately: how do I STOP my period? How do I shorten my cycle? How can I avoid having my period? We are getting several of these EACH DAY! So, we did the research, and decided to write a blog about it. Please, always remember that it’s best to mess with nature as LITTLE as possible!


Stopping my periods...

Having a period fall during a vacation or romantic encounter is not a reason to stop your period, although it would be just awesome if Mother Nature waited a week! We do not recommend messing with your body’s natural cycle, however, you can make your period somewhat lighter, less painful, and reduce the flow. Results vary from one woman to the next.


Find it in nature!

A few natural remedies may in fact help you out here. First, you should know that eating fruits and vegetables (especially green beans) makes your period less painful while slowing down the blood flow. Make sure to drink plenty of water, up to 3 liters a day. You can also drink apple cider vinegar diluted in water (2 teaspoons for a glass of water) or gelatin mixed with water. Some hot options: tea made from mint or raspberry leaves (3 to 4 cups a day). 


Let it flow! (The water, that is)

Next, take a bath! Stay there as long as possible and make sure the water is lukewarm. If you are on vacation, take your time in the pool or in the sea. When you’re submerged in the water your period stops and when you get out it can take up to 5 hours to come back. These tips help to reduce or stop periods. To increase their effectiveness, do not hesitate to combine them.


Can drugstore pills help?

Since the remedies mentioned above are all natural, you do not have to worry about damage to your body or your cycle. Some women will try to slow down or stop their periods using ibuprofen and other blood thinners. This is 100% NOT recommended! Do not take any drugs, even if they are not prescription, unless advised by a physician. You are going against nature and will end up paying the price later on. (Yes, this will catch up with you!) 


Shorten my periods by accelerating the blood flow? Yes!

You can indeed accelerate your flow, and by doing so, shorten the amount of days you will have a period. There are several ways to make the flow of blood abundant. First, by warming your stomach. Take a towel, dip it into boiling water and wring it out well before placing it on your lower abdomen. Massage this area for about ten minutes. You can also do 30 minutes of jogging or sit-ups to intensify your periods. Remember to drink plenty of water and to empty your bladder every 15 or 30 minutes.



Let's get it on?

Finally…do the wild thing! If you don't mind having sex while on your period, do not deprive yourself. The contractions generated by an orgasm help the blood to flow more quickly. 



Birth control

There are several birth control pills and injections that are known to reduce or even stop periods completely. Please, PLEASE do your research and before you start this type of medication, think about it very seriously. There are many long-term side effects to these, such as cancer, bone density loss, even infertility. And it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience PMS, just because you are not bleeding.  


We really hope that you will give the natural remedies a try. Because they involve drinking a lot of liquids, make sure that you always have quick access to a bathroom! Let us know which ones you tried and if you had any success. 


Have a Happy Period! 🌸

-Justine 🌸

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