15 Eco-Friendly, Economical (and Freakin' Cute) Ways to Wrap Your Xmas Presents This Year!

15 Eco-Friendly, Economical (and Freakin' Cute) Ways to Wrap Your Xmas Presents This Year!

 'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread joy than with eco-friendly, budget-conscious, and absolutely adorable gift wrapping ideas? At Justine Haines, we believe in celebrating the holidays sustainably while still keeping things stylish. Join us on a festive journey as we unwrap 15 creative and environmentally friendly ways to make your Holiday presents shine!


1. Nature's Bounty:

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors by using recycled brown paper as your base. Enhance it with twine and adornments like pinecones, dried flowers, and small branches for a rustic, eco-friendly touch. Simply gather these items during a nature walk and let your creativity bloom.

2. Fabric Finesse:

Swap traditional wrapping paper for reusable fabric. Old scarves, cloth napkins, or even scraps of fabric can be transformed into charming gift wraps. Tie them with a bow, and not only will your gifts look stylish, but the wrapping itself becomes an extra present.

3. Newspaper Chic:

Turn yesterday's news into today's fashionable gift wrap. Select sections with colorful images or interesting articles. Wrap your gifts in a way that highlights these elements, and secure with eco-friendly tape. It's a conversation starter that's as thrifty as it is trendy.

4. Buttoned Elegance:

For a vintage touch, repurpose old buttons and ribbons. Attach buttons to twine and weave it through ribbons for a charming and unique gift presentation. This not only adds character but also ensures your wrapping materials have a second life.

5. Blooming Marvels:

Explore the beauty of nature by incorporating pressed flowers into your wrapping. Attach them to brown paper with adhesive or twine for a delicate touch. This eco-friendly approach adds a personalized and charming element to your festive gifts.

6. Map It Out:

Old maps or atlas pages can make for distinctive and eco-friendly gift wrap. Use them to represent the spirit of adventure, and secure with jute twine or reusable ribbon. It's a worldly and sustainable way to celebrate the season.

7. Sweater Weather Wraps:

Repurpose old sweaters or knitwear into cozy gift wraps. Cut them into squares or rectangles, wrap your gifts snugly, and secure with a bow. This not only adds warmth to your presents but also promotes upcycling.

8. Cereal Box Creativity:

Give your gifts an eco-friendly twist by using old cereal boxes. Paint or cover them with festive paper, creating unique and sturdy gift boxes. Add a ribbon or bow for that finishing touch, making your presents as sustainable as they are adorable.

9. Greenery Galore:

Incorporate small potted plants or succulents as gift toppers. Wrap your presents in plain paper and secure the greenery with twine. Not only does this add a touch of nature, but it also gives the recipient a bonus gift to nurture.

10. Vintage Hankies:

Channel a bygone era by using vintage handkerchiefs as gift wraps. Fold them creatively around your presents, securing with a bow. This timeless approach not only looks elegant but also breathes new life into forgotten treasures.

11. Citrus Splash:

Brighten up your gifts with the vibrant colors of citrus fruits. Wrap your presents in plain paper and adorn with dried orange slices or lemon peels. This aromatic and visually appealing touch adds a zesty twist to your holiday gifting.

12. Wax Seal Whimsy:

Add a touch of sophistication by sealing your gifts with wax. Choose a reusable stamp and eco-friendly wax for a personalized and timeless presentation. This simple yet stylish technique elevates your wrapping game while minimizing environmental impact.

13. Puzzle Piece Pizzazz:

Transform old jigsaw puzzle pieces into quirky gift toppers. Paint or decorate them with festive colors, then glue them onto plain paper-wrapped presents. This playful and eco-conscious approach adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday gifts.

14. Tulle Extravaganza:

For a whimsical touch, wrap your gifts in tulle fabric. Choose a color that complements the holiday spirit, tie with a reusable ribbon, and add a small ornament for extra flair.

15. Magazine Magic:

Revamp glossy magazine pages into a vibrant and eclectic gift wrap. Coordinate colors and themes, and seal with a fabric ribbon for a chic, sustainable look.


There you have it, 15 eco-friendly, economical, and freakin' cute ways to wrap your Xmas presents this year! Not only are these ideas sustainable, but they also add a touch of creativity and thoughtfulness to your holiday gift-giving. Dive into the joy of wrapping, and let the eco-conscious festivities begin! Explore more sustainable and stylish options at JustineHaines.com – where fashion meets sustainability in every detail. Happy wrapping!


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