10 reasons why you may not be getting your period

10 reasons why you may not be getting your period

No visitor came by this this of the month? Here are possible explanations. Tracking is super important!


  1. You got a bun, hun

You’re pregnant! Yes, this one is known by all, but we had to include it on the list! Note that the first test you take may show negative results, when you are in fact, pregnant. That is become the hormone (HCG) that makes the line appear on the test may not be in your urine (YET). It can take up until a few days after the planned period after the sexual encounter.



  1. Train much?

Hardcore & heavy muscle training can cause you to reduce the natural production of estrogen, and lead your body to go into starvation mode. Why is this phenomenon happening? Your body is trying to conserve energy and prevent a pregnancy for taking place. Without ovulation, the lining of the uterus does not thicken, therefore pregnancy (and menstruation) is impossible. Luckily, there are supplements you can take to prevent this from occurring.



  1. Feed me, I’m starving!

Undernourishment causes the body to lose fat, much needed for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

The body’s response to a very restrictive diet (especially when coupled with hardcore exercise), is to shut down the reproductive system. If you are missing a period due to your regimen, you may also have other issues occurring such as fatigue, osteoporosis, brittle hair and nails, skin problems and more. Solution: eat a healthy & balanced diet; your body will thank you for it!



  1.  Just chill!

Among other complications, prolonged and excessive stress messes with the region of your brain that is responsible for releasing estrogen & progesterone. Since these hormones are necessary for the ovaries to produce an egg, it would make sense that doctors tell women who want to conceive to just ‘Relax”!


  1. Birth Control

Starting or stopping contraceptives can and will affect your menstruation. The good news is these were prescribed to you, so you most likely have a doctor advising you. Be educated and find out the short- and long-term effects on your cycle before making any changes.  



  1. It’s not you, it’s your Thyroid!

The thyroid’s purpose is to regulate body functions, one of them being your reproductive system. If you are missing a period due to an underactive (or overactive) thyroid, you are most likely experiencing other health issues, possibly slowed heart rate or breathing difficulties. Other symptoms include hyperactivity, anxiety, blurry vision, fever and hair loss. You don’t want to leave this one untreated.


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  1. Menopause, me? I’m way too young!

When Menopause begins, the egg production is depleted, which in turn (you guessed it) , ceases menstruation. Premature menopause can begin as early as 30 years old (1 in 1000 women). In some cases, it can be moderated with hormones which stimulate egg production.



  1. The C Word

A tumor in the pituitary gland (located in the brain) will tell your body that you should not get pregnant. It plays a key role in regulating the hormones responsible for reproduction by stimulating the ovaries to release an egg. A patient affected with this form of cancer will have irregular or no periods.



  1. PCOS

PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome is a disorder involving an excess of male hormones, which cause the ovaries to develop follicles in the fallopian tubes, which obstruct the natural release of the eggs, causing periods to be less frequent or absent. In order for the uterus to be healthy, periods need to come back (at least a few times a year), as an accumulation of uterine cells can lead to uterine cancer.


  1.  I’m hurt!

Severe injuries and trauma will cause periods to stop, such as a car accident, fall, or the body upset of a surgery.  


Did we forget anything? Drop a comment below! We hope that you have learned something about this fantastic machine that is the FEMALE BODY!

(The only one that can produce a Human Baby!)


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