TOP 15 questions TEENS want to know about their first period! ANSWERED!

TOP 15 questions TEENS want to know about their first period! ANSWERED!

What can I expect? Will it hurt? Will it smell? Will I have to stop my favorite activities? ALL of your questions are answered right here! Bookmark this blog and share with a BFF today!

1- My best friend says periods hurt, is that true? 

Not always, it's not like losing blood from a wound or a cut, but many girls and women experience cramping and a degree of pain. There are many natural ways to cope with this, but there is no reason to panic right now, as many girls have very little symptoms. 

2- What if I have my period at school or when I don't expect it? 

This happens to a lot of girls, but don’t let this stress you. Once you notice a few pink spots in your panties, know that your period is just about to start. It is a good idea to have hygienic products in your bag at all time, as a precaution, or better yet, start wearing period undies (no one will know and this will remove all stress!) If your first period comes at school and you are prepared, the experience will be a very positive one that you will always remember!  

3- Why do I feel bloated and weird?

When your body is preparing for a period, it will sometimes retain more water than usual, which makes you feel bloated. This is completely normal, not just with a first period, but for women as well. This is also a sign your body is sending you that your period is coming!  


4- What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS)? 

PMS is the name given to the symptoms that women experience each month before they get their period, such as painful breast tightness, mood swings or depression. (This name is generally used to refer to severe symptoms.) It is also quite normal to have ups and downs from time to time, especially with all these changes taking place in your body.

5- What type of protection is best to use? 

There is a very wide range of feminine protections available today. Some women prefer pads (disposable or reusable), some prefer tampons, period undies, or diva cups. Some use a combination and vary, based on the day of their cycle. There is only ONE WAY to decide which you will like best, and that is to try several out for yourself, as well as different brands. Then you can make your decision, based on comfort, leakage, costs, etc. Please do your research as much as possible, as some products on the market are not very safe for your health.

6- Will I have a period for my whole life? 

Unless you are pregnant or have an illness, you will have periods until menopause, which usually comes around age 50. It may seem overwhelming for you to calculate all these years of ‘being on your period’, but please trust that having menstruations comes with a lot more positive than negative😊  


7. Will I still be a virgin if I use tampons? 

Yes, you will remain a virgin until your first sexual intercourse. It has absolutely nothing to do with using a tampon. (or riding a horse, for that matter). Some people believe that an intact hymen is a sign of virginity. However, the hymen is a flexible membrane that only partially covers the opening of the vagina. the hymen has an opening that allows the flow of menstrual flow. The tampon is inserted through this same opening. Please beware of dangers of using tampons, however, as they contain a lot of chemicals that can be harmful for you 


8- How will I know when my period is about to start? 

The first signs that your period is coming soon are the development of your breasts, and the appearance of whitish discharge from your vagina. Generally speaking, most girls start menstruating between the ages of 10 and 16, but don't worry you’re the last one in your group of friends who hasn’t had it yet! Every woman is different. When your body is ready, your period will come!

9- The tips of my breasts are sore, what's wrong? 

Nothing, breasts and nipples itch or tingle when they are developing, but this will stop once they stop growing. The breasts can also be sore and tight just before and during menstruation. This is 100% to be expected😊  


10- Is it possible to take a shower or a bath when I have my period? 

Yes and No. While you're on your period, it's really important to feel fresh and clean. A warm shower can also be a way to relax and relieve any period pains. Baths, however, are not the most hygienic, especially on those first days of your cycle, you may not feel comfortable laying in the water. 


11- I just had my first period, when will the next one come?

Periods are rarely regular during the first two years. Don't worry if they don't reappear for a few months, it’s totally normal. Gradually, they will become more regular until you are getting one approximately every 21 and 35 days. The minute you get your first period, download a tracking app and start recording your dates. This will be HUGELY helpful down the road, as you will be able to know the dates of your next periods and always have protection on hand on those days!

12- Will I smell bad when I get my period?  

Menstrual fluid starts to smell when it comes into contact with the air, but you can minimize this by changing pads or period undies regularly and having excellent hygiene.

13- Is it normal to gain weight during puberty?  

Totally! You are growing and your body shape is changing! Adult women have more fat than young girls. Your hips will widen, and your shape will get curvier. As long as you live a healthy livestyle that includes eating balanced meals and exercising, you never need to go on a special diet. Remember that your body needs a lot of energy to grow!

14- Are there certain things I CAN’T do during my period?  

No, periods are an integral part of a woman's life and should in no way prevent you from doing anything! You can exercise, swim, run, dance, see friends, go to sleepovers, and anything else you did before, NEVER let a period stop you! There are period undies and swimwear that can be worn and are extremely discreet, no one will ever know! use a tampon.

15- Will everyone know that I have my period?  

No, unless you tell them! Period undies and pads are so thin they don't show at all under clothing. If you are NOT wearing enough protection or if you are not changing it often enough, this could lead to an accident, or leak. These are the times embarrassing moments can occur, nut you can avoid this by making sure you always have extra backups on hand😊   


A first period is a very exciting time in a young girl’s life! This can be a very positive experience in your life! Share with a best friend, sister and mother, and you can all learn from each other and get closer! Remember that you need to listen to your body and always be prepared, the rest will be easy-peezy! We are here for you, never hesitate to reach out!  


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