Top 10 ways to deal with menstrual cramps

Top 10 ways to deal with menstrual cramps

Period pain SUCKS! For many women, it becomes almost impossible to do anything as the pain takes over their entire bodies. What torture! We feel for you, as we know this level of agony can be paralyzing. However, before you run to the pharmacy for prescription drugs and over-the-counter pills, it’s important to explore every option, especially ones that will not have any long-term side effects. Luckily, there are many NATURAL ways to relieve bad cramping. Here are the Top 10 ways you can try THIS MONTH with most items that can be found in your house right now😊

Number 1- Change your sleeping position

Act like a baby and curl up! A fetal position is the best lying-down way to relieve menstrual cramps. That’s because this position doesn’t place any weight on your abdomen or lower back, which is where period pain is typically felt. Use a body pillow and hug it out! Placing it between your legs. This will straighten out your spine and take the pressure off. 

Number 2- Heat

Using a heat patch on your belly can help relax the muscles of your uterus. It’s those muscles that are causing you period cramps. Heat can also boost circulation in your abdomen, which will automatically reduce pain. Ladies, this is even more effective than Tylenol, no joke!   You can get a water bottle or better yet, buy the practical peel and stick-on heat patches, they are game-changers! 


Number 3- Essential oils

Massaging sore spots for 15 minutes using these oils can help so much! You’re going to want to apply pressure and move your hands around your abdomen, sides, and back. Aromatherapy therapy not only reduces pain, but has many other health benefits. Here are the ones we recommend for best results for pain-relief: rose, lavender, peppermint and fennel. Smelling awesome and being pain-free: oh Yea! You can easily design and make your own essential oil, just google a recipe and go nuts! Save money and have fun!


Number 4- Water

This is going to sound funny but drinking water can actually keep your body from RETAINING water! Which can then help avoid the painful bloating during your period. Drinking warm or hot water is better for cramp relief, because it increases blood flow to your skin and then relaxes those cramped-up muscles. You can also increase your hydration by eating water-based foods like green salads and yummy fruits. Your belly will thank you!


Number 5- Acupuncture

This has magical results with many women from all over the world and for thousands of years (3000 to be exact!) The best part is that the worst that can happen is that it doesn't work. But if it DOES work... Adios pain!! Acupuncture stimulates the body by placing needles into the skin. This practice can help you relax, release muscle tension and improve blood flow throughout your body. If you've never tried this before, you HAVE TO! You're going to love it!!


Number 6- Avoid this list of food and drink!

Even a woman who doesn't suffer from period pain should avoid these during the time of month, but if you’re prone to cramping, some foods are just HUGE no-no’s. Anything that causes bloating and water retention are to be avoided at all-costs. Drinks like: alcohol, sodas, caffeine, and foods that are high in fat and salt, and that are over-processed. Yea, you may be craving all that stuff during your period, but trust me, you’ll pay for it 
in pain! Eat clean and drink caffeine-free for the days leading up and into your period, and your cramping should go down significantly!


Number 7- Yoga

The best part of this wonder activity is you can do it anywhere and it really works! Even though its a gentle exercise, it releases endorphins, which we know prevent and reduce menstrual symptoms. Out of all the physical exercises out there, yoga is the MOST effective at not only reducing or eliminating menstrual cramping, but PMS altogether. All you need is a mat and YouTube and you are set! Namaste!


Number 8- Herbs

All herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the muscle contractions and swelling that are associated with menstrual pain. This is really magical! Here are the top herbal recommendations, which you can take in the form of a supplement or sip in the form of a delicious tea: Chamomile, cinnamon, fennel seed, pine bark extract, ginger and dill. By the way, if you have ZERO period pain, all of these herbs are great for you just the same because they are super healthy! They can even PREVNT future pain! Imagine that! Enjoy!


Number 9- SEX!

Orgasms involve your whole body, including your spinal cord, which  can trigger your brain into releasing endorphins. And what happens when you have a surge of Endorphin? You have decreased pain! Imagine that! I know it may be the last thing you feel like doing while on your period, especially if you're in pain, but hey, if you can give it a try, it might do the trick! PS: you don’t need any ‘help’ here, as solo-work will do just fine, if you know what I mean!


Number 10- Calcium

This magical mineral can help reduce muscle cramping during menstruation. You can take supplements, but so many of the foods we love are loaded with this stuff and so accessible, so make sure to have them in the fridge around period time.  We know that dairy products  are just loaded with calcium, but you would be surprised that these foods are actually a  great source:  leafy green vegetables like kale & Bok-choy, fishes like salmon & sardines, and crunchy snacks like sesame seeds and almonds, YUM! 


Hope this info helps! Try it out and let us know! Sometimes period pain can be so awful that only drugs will do. Hopefully, you can try some of these alternatives, which will only make medication more efficient, if you DO have to take it.

Have you tried any natural remedies from our list? Did they work for you? Do you have any recommendations for our followers you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear from you! We hope you enjoyed this blog and will be able to have less pain in your next period😊


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Be safe, be well, Justine 😊

Time for a Happy Period 😊

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