Top 10 signs that a woman is HEALTHY!

Top 10 signs that a woman is HEALTHY!


There are many silent (and asymptomatic) health risks that are particular to women. Do you know them all? Detecting the signs is important to your health! (And women you care for). Hey guys! Although these are important signs for everyone to look for, this article is geared specifically towards women!


1. Hunger Games


What do you say about a hungry baby? He must be healthy, right? Right! Hunger is triggered by physiological mechanisms (not to be confused with stress or boredom, that may lead to snacking). Feeding an appetite, a healthy and wholesome meal is always a treat for the body.


  1. Glow, Baby



Your skin reflects your health. Pale skin (paler than your natural complexion) and dark circles around the eyes are usually a sign of sickness or fatigue. Although this can be temporary, due to life changes (like stress, lack of sleep), it’s important to consult your doctor if it persists.



  1. Nailed it!


Generally, nails should be smooth and pinkish. If they are bumpy in texture or streaked in color, this could be indicative of a hormonal dysfunction, mineral deficiency, or digestive problem. Have white spots or streaks on your nails? This may be due to nail health, not so much overall body health.



  1. Pink is the word

Ever wonder why your doc asks you to open up say ‘AHHHH’ within minutes of your medical exam? A pink tongue, not swollen and free of ulcers is generally a sign of good health. If the tongue is white-ish and/or swollen, it could be symptomatic of a yeast infection, digestive disorder, liver problem, or fungus. You would probably feel like your moth is ‘mushy’.



5.Shine bright like a Diamond

Show me a healthy woman, and you will show me shiny hair! Generally speaking, healthy people have vigorous, strong, shiny hair. Having brittle hair that falls out in handfuls can be indicative of a deficiency, or maybe a more serious illness. Don’t brush this one off(no pun intended!). Additionally, a healthy scalp is non-itchy & non-burning. If this is not the case, there may be a disease causing this. The good news here is that it’s possible that you are just using the wrong hair products, so try switching out before making that doc appointment.



  1. Girl, I’m so sleepy!

The body’s balance is achieved with good quality, restful sleep. Remember Mom told us to get 8hours a day?! If you fall asleep easily, do not wake during the night, have no reflux, apnea or nightmares, you should be waking up refreshed and feeling fantastic! On the other hand, insomnia and chronic insomnia have devastating physiological effects. If these persists, investigate.


  1. Baby got Tone

Health is a complete state of physical and mental well-being, not just the absence of disease.  If you have tone and energy and feel in good shape, you probably are. The mental and physical indicators are much closely related than you might think. Now if you are experiencing temporary fatigue, don’t be alarmed, your body is trying to tell you to rest! However, when this persists, despite prolonged recovery, it’s important to consult your doctor.


  1. Just Chill

Did you know that the more relaxed a body is, the more it is regenerating? A tensed body cannot repair damages afflicted to it (such as daily stress), and therefore, becomes more fragile, and unable to properly eliminate nasty toxins. When you are fully relaxed, the body can allow each organ to properly do their jobs.



  1. Weight it out

We already covered that a healthy appetite is a sign of a healthy body. Same is true for your BMI (Body Mass Indicator), which should be between 18-25. Because it’s hard to hide weight from others (and ourselves), we are usually pretty aware of this. (How many women do you know don’t ever step on the scale?) It’s also the biggest taboo subject, where many women feel body-shamed, and therefore do not consult with a doctor, fearing having to face the issue.


  1. Like Marvin said, Let’s get it on

Having healthy and regular sexual relations is an indicator of good health. (Note that you do not necessarily need a partner for this! Yeah, we went there!) A lack or drop in libido is usually indicative of underlying problems, ranging from physical & hormonal causes (which can be due to PMS, menopause, or potential illness) to a psychological origin, such stress & depression.

You have this incredible machine that is there with only one job: support you! Listen to it, give it what it needs, it will thank you!


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