Does the COVID vaccine have an effect on my Period?

Does the COVID vaccine have an effect on my Period?
When you went to get your Covid shot, you may have been warned of possible side effects (fever, headache, sore arm and other flu-like symptoms). Funny thing, no one seems to mention the possible effects on menstrual cycle… We answer daily questions on, and have been bombarded by the question. Many wonder why their periods are heavier and more painful than usual, without making the possible connection. We dug and found the answers to your questions!


Does the vaccine affect my Period?

Know that because this is very new, it has not yet been medically studied. It is possible that women who received the vaccine are more likely to notice changes, especially after hearing about the experiences of others. (Yeah, we all do that😊). Postmenopausal women and women taking hormones to stop their periods have reported bleeding, after taking the shot. A number of transgender men and postmenopausal women who normally don't have periods have also reported bleeding after receiving the vaccine.



Makes sense, right?

There are logical reasons that the vaccine could lead to cycle changes. The lining of the womb is part of the immune system (there are immune cells in almost every part of the body). Immune cells play a role in building, maintaining, and destroying the lining of the uterus, which thickens to prepare for pregnancy, and then sheds as a period if the egg is not fertilized. After vaccination, many chemical signals that can affect immune cells circulate in the body. This could cause the lining of the uterus to shed and lead to bleeding.


Who is affected?

Women with signs of inflammation tend to have more painful periods, after receiving the shot. Vaccines also cause an inflammatory response in the body. This reaction is part of the activation of the immune system, which begins to produce antibodies and other cells to fight disease. Women also experience a drop in their platelets (cells involved in clotting) after the vaccine, which can affect menstrual bleeding or even make it heavier than usual. In general, flu vaccines have showed to temporarily affect the menstrual cycle, but there are no long-term side effects. It’s so important to know your body well, and to track your cycle to monitor those anomalies.  Social media propagandaThere is so much misinformation on social media about this subject, that many women are failing to get themselves checked out, or refusing to get vaccinated. False claims that women's cycles, or even their pregnancies, could be affected by simply being around vaccinated people have gained popularity on social media recently. 

How does the vaccine work?

Covid vaccines work by giving the body instructions to make a tiny fragment of the virus's characteristic spike protein so that it can learn how to fight it. The protein then decays or is destroyed.



Justine’s take

Your best advice should come from WITHIN YOURSELF…meaning know your body, keep track of your cycle and flow, and see your doctor when you are ‘off’. Do not wait months on end. You know your body best. We highly recommend tracker apps; they are easy to use and so practical when you have your doctor’s visit. Use it every month and it will begin to let you know when your next period is coming. Also, it can let you know when you are having an off month. This would be the time where you can do a self-check: did I get vaccinated, sick, have a fever, have unprotected sex, extra stress, etc.


We hope this article helped! Take care of your health!

Have any PERIOD question for us? Ask away, there are no taboos!

Have a Happy Period!

-Justine 😊

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