Are tampons bad for my health?

Are tampons bad for my health?


Are tampons bad for my health?

Yes, they are easily available and convenient, but at what cost?


What is the true price of this convenience?

Some simple math before we discuss health. An average box of tampons is $13,00. Multiply that by 12 months, then by 35 years. The number will astonish you! ($5460,00) That is if you only use one box per month. Now, should we talk about the environment for a second? There are 150 million women in the United States alone. Studies show that one woman out of two uses tampons on a regular basis, and will likely do so for her entire period cycle, consuming (and disposing) over 16,000 tampons. 75 million times 16,000 times 35 years is a lot of Zeros...! Flushed down the toilet.


What’s in a tampon?

If you’re wondering why sanitary pads & tampons are so white (or maybe have never thought about it), the answer is simple: bleach. Additionally, several companies use fragrances & GMOs. Remember, this is going INSIDE your body and being absorbed. Long-term use has been linked to several diseases including cancer. Since cervical & ovarian cancers are women’s issues and tampons were so commonly used by most women, the links were not made until recent years.




I’ve lost my tampon!

This is more common than you think, you reach and cannot find the string, assume you have taken it out already. (Wait, did I or didn’t I?). Leaving a tampon too long can lead to toxic shock syndrome cause by bacteria. Each year, it will affect 1 in 100.000 women, resulting in 2-3 deaths.


I don’t need to change my tampon every time I go to the bathroom?

But, I only have to pee! Another misperception, women keep a tampon in while (and after) going to the bathroom. Result: bacteria including fecal matter make their way onto the string and vagina, which will remain for several hours and will likely cause an infection (which may not show itself until months or years later).


I love my tampon while I sleep because I don’t have to worry about leaks.

They say that tampons are safe for 8 hours, so go ahead and sleep soundly and safely. But who is ‘they’? The hygienic disposable product company? (probably). Ask your OB-Gyn. She will surely tell you different. Just stop for a second and think about what is trapped inside your body for 8 HOURS long. One word to sum it up: bacteria.


I can’t get pregnant!

When a woman cannot conceive, doctors will often be quick to run a series of genetic tests. All the toxic chemicals absorbed by the body, over the course of several years have been linked to infertility. If you are trying or would like to one day have a baby, do the research! You wouldn’t take drugs orally without knowing all the facts? A tampon is not a PURE simple piece of cotton. It is loaded with chemicals. Be informed of all the long-term risks associated.


If not tampons, then what?

Today, in 2021, it just does not make sense anymore. There are so many innovative, economical, environmentally-friendly, convenient, safe & healthy alternatives, why put yourself at risk?


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